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2014s To Do List
kate bishop
So this is the list from this time last year. Thought I'd give it one last look, might make me feel bad, might make me feel good. Who knows.

Pass Driving Test - Done, we knew that already.

2. Get Car - Again, we knew that one already.

3. Stop lending - Other than the stuff for Ben when he gallivanted off to Australia, that's pretty much been it, so I'm gonna say this one was done.

4. Move out - Nope.

5. Learn German - I got a good streak up until I left my charger at Andy's so couldn't waste my phone battery... I am back on it now. I know a bit more than I did at the start of the year, so I'm going to say that's been done.

6. Go abroad - Nope.

7. Improve a skill (craft) - I've done some more drawing, which has been nice. Still need to do more, but I'm going to say that's sort of done/

8. Find something to replace walking - I have been LARPing more often, and I did do 10 weeks of fencing in the summer, which was great but my self consciousness got in the way towards the end of it. So I did try, but I'm going to need something more that I feel comfortable with and that's the rel problem.

9. Cook more - It's been up and down, but I've made a good effort at it.

So I've tried most things, and only failed outright on 2. Woo. I'll post the new New Year's Resolutions at some points.


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