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Coat/Ianto OTP
So I was going to post something about feelings, angst and general wah-ness.

Then I saw this on tumblr and I thought why not?

Send a number + a character and I’ll draw them:

  1. In what they normally wear

  2. In what I’m currently wearing

  3. In a school uniform

  4. In swimwear

  5. In underwear

  6. With no clothes on

  7. In winter clothes

  8. In fancy clothes

  9. Making 3 different expressions

  10. Standing on their hands

  11. With their favorite animal

  12. Hanging out with a friend

  13. Sitting on the couch

  14. Doing something they don’t normally do

  15. Eating

  16. Playing a sport

  17. Beaten up

  18. As a kid/adult

  19. Wearing a funny hat

  20. Sleeping

Any characters from any media, really, as long as you can provide a reference if I don't know them.

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Coat/Ianto OTP
1. Pass Driving Test - Done!

2. Get Car - Double done!

3. Stop lending - Mostly done, but I haven't been paid back that much.

4. Move out -Still hinging on 3. Also I am still very attached to my disposable income and not very confident in whether or not I'll be able to manage.

5. Learn German - Still doing it although I've been a bit lax recently. Need to pull my socks up.

6. Go abroad - Still haven't done this, although it would help if my dad knew what he was doing and whether he had some temporary work. Might try for some time in July or August, because I'll probably be holiday'd out in June.

7. Improve a skill (craft) - Need to draw more, I've not doen it as often as I'd like

8. Find something to replace walking - Well hopefully I'll be LARPing more often and I'm trying to find something else to do as well.

9. Cook more - Need to do more cooking. I did some baking last month which was nice, but I've fallen back on everything recently.

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Coat/Ianto OTP
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Coat/Ianto OTP
So last week's IC post was my first post on LJ for two years. TWO YEARS.

I usually at least post once a year, usually with some fanfic or something. Considering that I have a 50k nanowrimo fanfic from 2012 I have only posted the first chapter of, I should really do something about that. Especially as this started out intended as a fanfic journal, with my older one for personal stuff. I should see if that one's still active.

Anyway, I think I should probably try posting something more regularly, on here and facebook and twitter, and it has to be something that isn't "look at this geeky thing someone else posted". The Mary Sue have great posts, but that seems to be the only thing I end up reposting on facebook nowadays.

Comic-y goodness

Lilith's backstory
by ~Spellbook on deviantART

Ok, so I had to do a comic page for art class. I decided to do a little bit of Lilith's back story. :D

Sorting out the old sketchbook
I have finally taken all of the sketches from my olf sketchbook and actually done something with them. Yay!

Including the chibis I drew to explain what a chibi was to Weeza.

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Sorry for Sunday.

Right, so I’m breaking the cardinal rules of the internet and everything here... probably.


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Steampunk GBU
Yes, a bit late I know. But still, going onwards:

  • Warm, tasty dinners
  • Dinner entertainment. Professor Elemental was particularly awesome, even if I did have to look away as he started dancing on the table next to me. Most of the burlesque happened behind my seat, and I wasn't going to strain my neck, so ah well...
  • Getting something to spend most of Saturday roleplaying well - even if it was a nasty disease.
  • Sitting in the infirmary writing in case of death letters in a fevered state.
  • (Mostly)  staying in quarantine - even if it meant missing lunch.
  • Spoonfeeding ~ his dinner - I enjoy it when I get to roleplay Nursey's bedside manner, as other opportunities usually just result in OOC panicking.
  • Still not able to roleplay skills very well.
  • Getting frustrated when GMs say different things.
  • Losing beads from my bead bag held me up, and could have gotten a lot more ugly as other medics were getting hit. It was kinda upsetting.
  • The Major.

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Most of you probably won't know who he is, but it's Malik, from WA3.

I shoudl probably get back to revising now.

A week late, but meh.
I apologise for the lousy handwriting, spelling mistakes and the wangst. Oh the wangst.
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