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TL - Lilium - Window Shopping

She doesn't know why she stops outside the shop on he way back from the bookshop. She's never really paid attention to it before.

Actually, both of those statements are bold-faced lies. She has stopped in front of there before, staring at the shiny things that she has never had the particular desire to possess. Instead she took great comfort in the idea that, if she really wanted to, she could buy something that she wanted. She hadn't, but that isn't important today.

She feels awkward just standing there looking. She's sure the owners must be very used to it by now and it's not like she has her face up to the glass or is touching it or anything. So she supposes she's safe for now.

The shop itself is failry high end, which goes without saying as it's a jewelry shop. Lilium wonders how many ounces of gold and silver there must be in there, but maths was never her strong point. What makes it stand out from others is its range of items, from the completely outrageous, to the simple and overlooked (and therefore not stolen by goblins). You could tell it marketed itself to members of the patrol system, a customer base that could a) afford it and b) had members that would be happy to wear some of the more garish items.

Something simple was all that she needed, wasn't it...

No, she doesn't need it.

Yes she does. She just doesn't want to admit it.

So she's just looking for now.

Besides, she's got a perfectly suitable item at home. Well, no, not really. In fact, she completely nixes the idea. The symbolism of turning that into what she had in mind is one that smacks of dependency issues and the thought makes her cringe. Some feeling, deep and unsettling, creeps into her gut. Oddly, it is this feeling that forces her to the door and the next thing she knows she's taking a step inside.

Well at least she could say she's looked?


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